CO.’S WORKING FRAME WORK  providing all services through  online or offline( manually)mode.
In online system Co.being providing convenience to clients and workers  regarding creation of database through online mode using internet, web site, mailing system,  team viewer and provide services through tele calling, SMS etc. 

In manually system Co.being collecting all papers from clients and workers by hand,  courior and speed post only.

Competitive framework: All services being providing through professionals and as per laws and Acts.

Co. is charging reaasonable fee for providing the sevices which is the  best point on all competitive edges.

Client framework: Co.’s client target is demographic.
We need demographic  clients and workers.

Marketing framework: Co. is  doing well job in market structure by having good relations with many co.’s. Now Co. is being started Appointiong workers for growth of business.

Provide promotional tatices by providing incentive to their workers.

Management team framework: Co.’s management is working as a team to fullfill their job, responsiblities &  commitments.

Financial Framework: Co. hasn’t been using external funding to run its  business. So safe from the point of its liabilities. Earned Revenue is sufficient for business growth.

Operational framwork: Co. has increased working flexibility, improved client responsiveness and cost minimization. Co. bring proven diagnostics, methodogies and tools to improve its business process, capabilities and performance.

Aspire & Co.

Sch-15, Raghunath Puri, Near E.S.I Hospital
Jagadhri Road, Yamuna Nagar


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